Started Playing Faxanadu

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Recently I started a new Let’s Play series and the game’s called Faxanadu(ファザナドゥ).

This is a pretty old NES game that was released in 1987. I didn’t own this at the time but I think I borrowed it from my friend and played it. I liked it. The graphic was pretty impressive at the time and I liked the music and the atmosphere.
However as most of the NES games at the time, this game was difficult and I couldn’t beat it. I don’t remember how far I could go but probably I gave up before I reach the half-way point. So I still don’t know who is the final boss or how does the final level look like or how the story gets concluded in the end. I decided to see it this time.

Yesterday I reached the 5th town in the foggy area. I’m enjoying it. This is still pretty fun.




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