Let’s play & translate Vestaria Saga

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I’ve been making Let’s Play videos of Vestaria Saga since September 2016.

Vestaria Saga is a game created by Shozo Kaga and other talented creators.  You can call Kaga as “father of Fire Emblem”.  He created the basic concept of Fire Emblem and worked as scriptwriter and director for every Fire Emblem titles on NES and SNES.


Vestaria Saga I


After directing Fire Emblem: Thracia 776, Kaga left Intelligent System which is the developer of Fire Emblem so his connection with FE has been lost since then.  That is sad since I liked Kaga’s storytelling and the world he creates. My favorite Fire Emblem is Genealogy of the Holy War (聖戦の系譜) and it was also directed by Kaga.

Genealogy of the Holy War

Then last year he released Vestaria Saga as a free downloadable game. He said he’s already retired from gaming industry and made Vestaria as his hobby. In the game’s official website, He clearly stated that he has no intention to make money from this game and is refusing to accept any donation.

“If I was younger, maybe. But I’m already old enough to do this kind of thing as business. I’m doing this as my personal hobby.”

When I read this comment, I got curious. A talented guy like Kaga made a game without thinking of making money. So the game must be totally his world because he had no restriction. And I was a fun of his Fire Emblems… maybe I want to try this, I thought.

So I started playing Vestaria Saga. And I decided to translate every Japanese text into English in my recording.  So my “Let’s play & translate Vestaria Saga” started.



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