Revisiting the World of Knight Online

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2 days ago I played Knight Online for the first time in 10 years or so.

Knight Online is a very old MMORPG. It was originally created by a company in South Korea and localized into English as well. 10 to 12 years ago, I was playing this game everyday. Although there was a Japanese version as well but I chose to play it on North America server since I wanted to learn and practice English.

I met people from all around the world. People from US, Australia, France, Netherlands,  Israel, Turkey, Denmark…

For some reason this game was (and still is) very popular in Turkey so the majority of the players were from Turkey. The KO (that’s how we called this game) players were generally divided in 2 groups: Turkish and others. And in general these 2 groups weren’t in good relationship. The main reason was a lot of Turkish players were very young (probably around 15 years old) and didn’t speak much English so basically we couldn’t communicate each other well. But still I made several good friends from Turkey and they taught me some Turkish language. Although there were occasional problems and mild conflicts between these 2 groups, all in all we were enjoying this game together.

I never imagined I would play this game again but recently I found this game on Steam and got curious. It’s pretty amazing this game is still available after more than 10 years since its launch and I think that shows how this game is loved by its players. I know this game is not popular or famous like WOW or other major MMORPGs. but this game has a charm.  The game is kind of simple and the graphic is dated. But I liked the atmosphere and its character development system. I have played WOW, Everquest, Guild Wars, FFXIV and some other popular MMORPGs. But to me, Knight Online is the best MMORPG ever.

So I had a lot of good memories in this game, revisiting it was almost overwhelming experience. When my newly created character appeared in Moradon which is the starting castle, it felt so nostalgic. The music, the graphic, the sound, these elements made me feel as if I revisited a place where I used to live long time ago.

Knight Online
And after playing 2 hours or so, I thought: This game is still fun.

Now I’m a bit tempted to continue to play this game and make a high level character again, join a clan and make friends again. But I don’t think I will do that. My Knight Online days was over 10 years ago. It was just a temporally visit this time. I can visit my former hometown but cannot live there anymore. I’m 10 years older than that time. Time has changed and life went on.

But it was a nice homecoming.


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